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Shri M.M. Ghodasara Mahila College

This college was established in 1983 by Shri Patel Kelavani Mandal, Junagadh, the most honoured institute of Saurashtra; with a view to give priority to the girls' education, to provide the education to the students in accordance with 21st century, their all-sided development and to build a powerful and solid society.


To provide women-education for the fundamental development of the country for healthy social structure, to develop the future generation to socialise properly the children, for the environment, water; and to give scientific knowledge about the problems of women-life, and to provide education without any partialities of cast or religion.


Education is most important for the over-all development of all the human aspects. So, to provide the higher education and to develop the rural girls socially is the motto of the college.


To establish the woman's higher and respected position in the developing society, women's participation may increase in the public-life, to make them aware about their rights, and to provide the illustrations like greate personalities like Gargie, Maitrayee, Apala Ghosh etc.